Transnational Cooperation

Community of Practice on Transnational Cooperation

Transnational cooperation is one of the most effective ways to promote new ideas and innovative solutions. Work performed within the European Social Fund requires, in addition to good project management, sharing experience and cooperation of entities such as organisations, institutions or companies from various parts of Europe. The Community of Practice on Transnational Cooperation facilitates cooperation of the ESF implementing staff in different EU Member States, cooperation of National Thematic Networks that focus on particular issues and cooperation of specific institutions and organisations. The practical knowledge or tools that have been developed within the Community may be used both at the project level and outside ESF Programmes.

Priorities of the Community of Practice on Transnational Cooperation:

  • to exchange experience gained from programme implementation;
  • to develop a web-based platform that enables dialogue and facilitates solving problems that occur;
  • to provide support to those who implement ESF projects;
  • to develop a tool that enables finding a partner to promote transnational cooperation at project and programme levels.

The content of the Community of Practice forum is based on positive experience and innovative actions undertaken during CIP EQUAL implementation and is built upon the contribution from its members. This is where you can access know-how and experience of experts from all over Europe. The forum is addressed mainly at people responsible for transnational cooperation in all the European Social Fund Programmes implemented in the EU Member States. The Community makes transnational ESF programme implementations professional through its cooperation environment that facilitates sharing experience and good practices, provides access to know-how and enables finding potential partners.

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