Catalogue of EQUAL Community Initiative Programme Results

The database of results contains the most important information concerning validated solutions prepared by Development Partnerships participating in the EQUAL Community Initiative Programme. It is results - that is duplicable models, materials, publications, technological solutions or good practices - that constitute the most durable and tangible achievement of the programme. By popularizing and using them in the future, it will be possible to exert a positive influence on the shape of the Polish - or more extensively - European job market.

In the presented database one can find both detailed descriptions of results and projects as well as telephone and address details concerning Administrators and Partners. What is also important is an easy access to information - it is sorted out with respect to the type of the result, predicted beneficiaries, implementing units and, finally, the solved problem of the job market. Enclosed specific products, prepared within the framework of results and descriptions of their application, facilitating further copying of the presented model solutions, constitute an extremely significant part of the base.

This database was created on the basis of materials sent by Development Partnerships. We care about showing, in the most extensive manner possible, the achievement of several-year-long hard work of these entities. Therefore, we do encourage individual Partnerships to help in supplementing and updating the database of results - in particular, by sending data concerning the manner in which the results were applied and the prepared products were utilised.