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Local system of early detection of problems in the district labour market

Restructuring activities in enterprises are often conducted without a plan or consultations, which results in their failing to meet the real requirements of the regional labour market or to contribute to the sustainable improvement of firms’ functioning. The local system of early detection of problems in the district labour market offers support for owners of SMEs undergoing the restructuring process and for their employees. It also helps consolidate local government institutions, NGOs and the whole employees’ environment around problems of groups threatened with social exclusion. The proposed model of support assumes smooth integration of influence and assistance and thus contributes to the change of companies’ management style and supports the process of their integration with the local business environment.


The MORS model – Międzyresortowy Ośrodek Rehabilitacji Socjopsychiatrycznej (Interdepartmental Centre of Socio-Psychiatric Rehabilitation)

MORS is a post-hospitalisation/intermediary centre for young persons requiring support due to their health, social and education-related situation, and the support is provided in stationary conditions in addition to the environment of the beneficiaries. The developed solution matches the modern trends of psychiatric rehabilitation, which advocate the social influence on the patient in the therapeutic process and the necessity of cooperation among various entities providing assistance to persons with psychiatric disorders. MORSes are small centres offering individualised support for every person in their charge. In such conditions effects of socio-psychiatric rehabilitation are much more sustainable.


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