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Company model of protection of the equal rights of persons with disabilities in the employment in the open labour market

The result helps limit the discrimination of persons with disabilities thanks to fostering the culture of equal rights in the open labour market. Moreover, the result contributes to the growing awareness of the managerial staff of enterprises with regard to the existing barriers and the potential benefits of employing persons with disabilities. The model offers complete methodology of introducing changes in enterprises thanks to which the discrimination mechanisms can be limited, as well as complete documentation, procedures and regulations facilitating the implementation of the model.


Social cooperative for persons with disabilities as a manner of counteracting the vocational passivity of the social group

Social cooperatives offer a chance for vocational activation of long-term unemployed persons with disabilities. The beneficiaries of the initiative can co-decide on the strategic directions of the entity’s development. Apart from the typical business activity, cooperatives also conduct social and vocational training courses as well as culture and education activities.


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