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Empathy – the local model

“Empathy” is a model of activating the unemployed, covering all areas of the beneficiaries’ activity – their professional and family lives as well as their non-occupational activities, helping the group return to the labour market. The model functions on the basis of the Local Activity Workshop [Lokalna Pracownia Aktywności]. Thanks to the initiative, the unemployed receive support and access to tools helping them actively seek work. The model can be implemented in large urban agglomerations, in smaller towns and in rural areas.


System of leaving family unemployment in rural areas

The system of leaving family unemployment in rural areas is a comprehensive solution, integrating the district and community institutional assistance with the civil self-help system. The main element of the actions undertaken within the model is the involvement of local communities in assistance activities for beneficiaries. The functioning of the developed system is based on the effective use of the available resources and services in order to introduce members of rural families suffering from family or generation unemployment into the labour market.


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