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Methodology of providing comprehensive support to local NGOs and preparation of its components for practical application

The model helps provide comprehensive support to local organisations and thus contributes to the growing potential and importance of NGOs and facilitates their operation within the social economy sector. The most important components of the developed results include: NGOs Incubator, Education in the Third Sector and Local Partnership Centres. The result contains proposed changes in the environment of the organisations.


Dual model of vocational and activating training for long-term unemployed persons and members of their families

The model of the vocational and activating training includes both actions undertaken towards the long-term unemployed and their families. The comprehensive support helps the unemployed return to the labour market and motivates persons in their immediate environment to become more active. The developed result helps improve the cooperation among institutions dealing with the social and professional integration of the unemployed, thus helping them operate more effectively.


Results Database Community of Practice Gender Mainstreaming The EQUAL Community Initiative was financed by the European Social Fund and directly by the budgets of the participant states.