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Establishing the national model of cooperation between judiciary institutions and the NGO sector supporting the process of social re-adaptation and vocational activation of prisoners and former prisoners

The implementation of the result will help develop a flexible model of cooperation among local institutions, aimed at providing effective assistance to former prisoners and increasing the influence of the local community on the process of the social re-adaptation of convicts. The model assumes more intense cooperation between penitentiary institutions and external entities (NGOs, self-government units, entrepreneurs) in order to coordinate and improve the efficiency of assistance for former prisoners. All the necessary procedures, programmes and tools helping implement the system have been prepared within the model.


Model of counteracting the discrimination of employees aged 44+ using innovative IT tools with complete database of procedures and methodology facilitating analyses and training

The proposed system of model training of employees aged 44+ includes the basic analyses, diagnoses and training programmes and helps improve the competitiveness of persons aged 40+ in the labour market. The result uses modern IT tools used in personnel policy, marketing management, IT technologies and psychological support. The model, containing both training programmes and development tools for employees aged 44+, increases the beneficiaries' competitiveness in the labour market and helps create and develop positive work environment.


Results Database Community of Practice Gender Mainstreaming The EQUAL Community Initiative was financed by the European Social Fund and directly by the budgets of the participant states.