Model of establishing social cooperatives involving the participation of local commune governments or under their patronage, including the participation of local NGOs and persons with disabilities

The most important element of the result is the instruction of establishing local social cooperatives of persons with disabilities in villages and small towns, with the partnership cooperation of local government authorities and social organisations. The model includes legal issues and organisational and marketing-related solutions helping establish and manage such cooperatives in the local environment and conditions.


Model of supporting flexible forms of employments and principles of distance working for persons taking care of children and dependants

The developed model helps beneficiaries taking care of dependants (small children, persons with disabilities and the elderly) return to the labour market thanks to flexible forms of employment. The model contains comprehensive solutions – recommendation of legal changes, methodology of training and advisory programmes, education tools, publications and document specimens, thanks to which the implementation of flexible forms of employment is made easier and the beneficiaries have more equal chances in the labour market.


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