Model of introducing persons discriminated against to the open labour market by establishing and managing social cooperatives and work in those entities.

The model is based on close cooperation of local partners – local government institutions, NGOs, entrepreneurs – on providing support to the unemployed in the labour market. The most important element of the solution is work in a social cooperative established by the beneficiaries themselves with the assistance of advisors and trainers. The aim of the initiative is to prepare the unemployed to return to the labour market thanks, inter alia, to their participation in workshops and vocational training courses.


Model of vocational preparation: training – practice – work (apprenticeship-based)

The developed model involves the application of the so-called apprenticeship-based vocational preparation or retraining regarding various industries (not necessarily in crafts) and beneficiaries (regardless of their age or gender). The vocational education focuses primarily on gaining specific skills sought in the labour market, defined on the basis of the monitored needs of employers and local labour markets. Thanks to the result, the unemployed will be able to become familiar with the characteristics of a given profession, establish contacts in the industry and consequently find employment.


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