Coherent model of support for national social economy as a mechanism of local development including marginalised communities

The result includes models and tools helping offer effective support for the social economy at the local level. It also offers training programmes for social workers or initiators of local projects, an advisory and financial support model and models of promoting the social economy and diagnostics for the local social potential.


Social Support Point – model of monitoring the beneficiaries’ progress in programmes/ projects focusing on helping persons with addictions and the homeless return to the labour market

The Social Support point is a system tool helping coordinate the information flow among organisations, institutions and firms offering assistance and training entities in a given area and gather data regarding a given social problem. The presented solution also helps realistically assess the needs of the beneficiaries in a given territory and assist them in their attempts to return to the labour market. Thanks to Social Support Points beneficiaries gain easier access to information concerning support and training services available in the market.


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