Model of preparation of teaching tools and materials used in training courses using the e-learning method, developed for employees of SMEs and managerial staff, as well as the teaching process involving the method

The model helps prepare the process of e-learning and the appropriate tools, matching the needs and capabilities of the beneficiaries. Using e-learning in the education process increases the flexibility of the courses and helps the participants become familiar with IT tools. The model can be used in various industries – from the construction and carpentry businesses through to hotels, trade, finance and insurance, and many other groups of beneficiaries, such as the unemployed, workers threatened with job loss or persons temporarily out of work wishing to improve their professional qualifications.


Model of family assistants and their functioning

The result, to be implemented by local social services, will contribute to the growing effectiveness of assistance activities and change of their profile. Implementation of the method requires active social work, psychological support and assisting families in their attempts to solve problems of various types. Thanks to the initiative the beneficiaries, so far using only passive forms of social assistance (allowances, assistance in kind) will be motivated to undertake more intensive social activities, supplement their qualifications and take paid employment.


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