Model system of activities helping improve the vocational situation of the Roma community

The result offers the developed manner of acting (know-how) and tools helping offer effective support for the Roma community in its functioning in the labour market. The system includes reports, an education programme, the model of cooperation among the Roma organisations, local government institutions and entities specialising in educational activities, as well as a manual for job seekers. The system is based on the inclusion of the representatives of the final beneficiaries, thanks to which the assistance offered is adequate to the needs of the Roma population.


Modular system of integration and prevention of migrants’ exclusion from the labour market

The model of migrants’ integration, based on the concept of an Intercultural Vocational Advisory Centre, fosters effective inclusion of this group of beneficiaries in the social and professional life of the country. The effects of the Centre’s activities also include the growing awareness of employers regarding the organisation of multicultural workers’ teams and the increasing competences of the staff of the Polish labour market institutions. The model includes a set of tools offering a comprehensive integration system.


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