An integrated model of bringing unfavoured youth into the job market – The Development Support Centre (DSC)

The most important element of the integrated model of bringing unfavoured youth into the job market is the Development Support Centre (DSC) - an institution supporting professional and social development of the youth brought up in children's homes, as well as other groups of youth threatened with social exclusion. The tasks of the Centre include: occupational advisory services, social counselling, monitoring the local job market, cooperation with mentors and also local employers and institutions operating on the job market, organisation of trainings and workshops, acquisition of financial resources as well as running and updating the Internet platform.


Flexible Work Promotion System

The Flexible Work Promotion System is the Flexible Employment Forms wortal – a comprehensive Internet service containing tools and publications facilitating the application of Flexible Employment Forms. The wortal is meant for entrepreneurs, employees and representatives of labour market institutions interested in introducing Flexible Employment Forms and using them more extensively.


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