Project Number

Project Name

Empatia – Local Solidarity for Equal Opportunities
Life Skills Program for Mentally Competent Youth and Young Adults with Physical Disabilities MISARN
New Way for Ex-offenders
Job as a Dowry – a Model of Leaving Family Unemployment in Rural Areas
Freedom for Employment
Inherit a Job
Initiative for the Development of Roma Entrepreneurship Partnership – Kxetanes
„First Shift” Regional Partnership for Vocational Activation of People Disadvantaged in the Labour Market
Sportspeople on the Labour Market
Another Opportunity
Labour Market Entry, Work and Re-entry of People after Mental Illness
CAPEqual – Campaign Against Poverty – The Highest Level of Charity
Partnership for Zawidawie – Zakrzów Project. The Peripheries as Wrocław’s Driving Force
Promotion and Protection of Equality in Employment for People with Disabilities
Give Yourself a Job – Ecochance
The Disabled People – Independence, Family, Rehabilitation, Education, Work – an Integrated System
Iris – Social and Vocational Reintegration of Women – Victims of Human Trafficking
Swiss Watch
Back on Track
Stand Up, Raise Your Head
Leaving Children’s Homes – New Opportunities, Better Tomorrow
Agenda of Homelessness – Standards for Active Return to Employment
Black Sheep. Condemned to Nature Protection
Roma in the Labour Market
Partnership for Improving Access of the Blind to the Labour Market
Time for Work – Work on Time
Lift to Work
”Animator” Partnership for Employability
”Progress” Coordinated Partnership: First Job as a Way of Socio-psychiatric Rehabilitation
Partnership for Vocational Activisation of Residents of Post-military Territories
Intercultural Centre of Vocational Adaptation of Immigrants and Refugees
Face to Face with the Labour Market – a Model of Transitional Employment
Social Economy in Practice
The Partnership of Initiatives for Nowa Huta
Leader’s Cyber-Hand. Supporting the Leaders of Social Changes in Poland
Muflon DP
We Can Do More – Partnership in Support of Social Cooperatives
Key Role of Municipalities in the Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities
Toward the Polish Model of Social Economy – We are Building the New Lisków
The Academy of Entrepreneurship. Developing Alternative Forms of Employment
Partnership for Vocational Activisation of Roma through Social Economy Tools
KŁOS Coalition for Breaking Social Barriers
Transfer of the Social Economy Experiences of Western European Environmental Organisations
The Social Economy for the Amber Trail
On the Wave
We Have Jobs
The Partnership for the Rain Man – The Rain Man for the Partnership
”COGITO” – Cracow Initiative for Social Economy
Virtual Social Economy Incubator – Model of Functioning in a Cooperation Network
Masurian Phoenix
Partnership for Professionalisation of the Third Sector
Social Cooperative UL
Telework – Combating Inequality and Discrimination on the Labour Market
Idea for Success
Partnership for Development of IT Competencies in Poland
e-Dialog Platform
Unemployment Combating System in the Poorly Urbanized Regions
Renovator – Centre for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
MayDay – Model of Active Support to the Development of Employees and Enterprises in the Face of Structural Changes in the Economy
New Opportunities for Transnational Labour Market and Economy of the Neisse Euroregion
Mentoring through IT
Fair Play Employment. Promotion of Business Culture and Labour Market Ethics.
Entrepreneurship in the Web, Internet – the Opportunity for Growth of Competitiveness
The Partnership for Equalising Opportunities
Partnership for Adaptabilities of Shipbuilding Industry Employees
Opole e-Craftsman
The Green Technologies Centre
Model System of Companies Staff Adaptation to Structural Changes in Economy
ElaStan – Promotion of Flexible Employment Methods
ENTER – Partnership for Telework, Entrepreneurship and Equality
Alliance for Work
Dynamism and Experience – Joint Change Management
Maturity Makes Use of Knowledge
Let’s Build it Together
The Flexible Worker – The Partnership Family
Partnership – Family – Equality – Work
To Live a Full Life – Supporting Parents of Children with Disabilities
Tele-work Integrates Family
Life Begins after Forty
Employment for Two People
Gender Index
Labour Market Consensus – Innovative Model of Vocational Activation of Women
Work and Life of Dignity for Women Victims of Violence
Mother-Employee – Professional Development of Women during Parental Leave
Education for Integration – Partnership for Refugees